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I have been learning English for over 20 years and during that time I gained a few  
certificates. I also stayed some time as an AU-PAIR girl in the middle-eastern UK, and so  
had opportunities to spent and enjoy time with native speakers. Because of the fact that  
a housewife was  Finnish and a goodman Scottish, I also experienced communication with  
the people speaking with the different accents. I studied English at the two universities.  
At the University of Matej Bell in Banská Bystrica I graduated with the bachelor's degree in  
the studying program translation and interpretation and at the Constantin the  
Philosopher University in Nitra I got the master's degree in the program English in  
professional communication.

During my professional career I taught English as a second language children of lower age   
by use of Helen Doron methodology in the language center in Poprad, mentored by Mgr.  
Marta Bednárová for 2 years (2009-2011). I started with English lecturing after passing  
the Elementary State Examination in English in the State Language School in Poprad in  
2000. I have been translating documents from English to Slovak and the other way round  
since 2011 and I completed translations of business letters, certificates, technical  
documentation, inspection reports, contracts, bank letters, letters of authorization and  
other documents for a few companies such as IMMERGAS EUROPE s.r.o. Poprad,  
TATRALIFT a.s. Kežmarok and WPW-Center s.r.o. Spišská Nová Ves. So I can offer you  
professional service.
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"Lucia Zemanová"  2017